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Get more brand awareness and more customers by utilising the biggest social network in the world, provided by Facebook Advertisement Agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Facebook Advertisement Agency Malaysia

Why Do You Need To Do Facebook Ads

  • Facebook has close to 2 Billion users. Your customers will definitely be on facebook. 

  • Your audience can be targetted based on age, gender, demographics and interest. Other forms of advertising cannot target the audience.

  • Cheaper than most other types of advertising. Can even start with only $5

  • Fastest way to increase website traffic. High web traffic will lead to higher sales.

  • Can retarget web visitors with more advertising which will increase the chances of getting sales.


Facebook Advertisement Agency Kuala Lumpur

Why You Need To Hire Facebook Advertisement Agency

  • Facebook ads agency can save you time and money. You do not need to hire additional staff or spend time studying Facebook Ads. 

  • They have the expertise to optimize your campaigns for maximum exposure and cost efficiency.

  • They have the knowledge of best practices for increasing your ROI

  • They can offer creative services such as video production and ad copywriting that you may not be able to do yourself.

  • They also have access to new features and updates immediately, allowing you to stay ahead of trends and develop optimal strategies

  • They have the experience of running successful campaign which will bring immediate results to your campaign


Facebook Advertisement Agency Kuala Lumpur

Facebook Advertisement Will Have the Following Objectives


Get more traffic and visitors to your website and increase the potential of them becoming customers


Get more click-through-rate to your website or landing page

Apps Install

Get more downloads and installs for your mobile applications from Google Play and Apple Store.

Video Views

Get more views to your youtube videos and target the right audience with it 

Lead Generation

Get people to sign up with their details thus increasing the numbers of potential people interested in you. 



Use Facebook Messengers to answer questions, send advertising messages and increase sales.

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Facebook Advertisement
Facebook Advertisement

Pick a Plan that Works for Your Facebook Advertising

We will customise your needs in advertising your business

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the mostly asked questions 

Is Facebook Page required for FB Ads?

Yes, a facebook page is required before facebook advertisement can be done. We can offer the set up of a facebook page if required by the client.

What is the mode of payment for FB Ads?

To start on FB Ads, a valid credit or debit card will be required to register with Facebook. Facebook will deduct the amount spend on the ads automatically. Facebook will hold the ads until all outstanding payments are made .  

What is Facebook Advertising Campaign?

A Facebook Advertising campaign will have one specific objectives, which are either web traffic, engagement, apps install, video views, lead generation, whatsapp messaging and facebook messenger  .

What is Facebook Adsets and Ads?

Each Facebook Campaign can have one or more Adsets and Ads. Each Adsets can have one or more ads. The targetting, schedule, bidding and placement are done at ads level. 

What is the scope of Facebook Advertising Agency?

The Facebook adverting agency will manage the overall campaign of the client. This will include identifying the target audience, advertising objectives, preparing ads copy writing, preparing ads images, setting up the required budget, monitoring on going results and reporting to clients on campaign performance. 

Why should Agency be used for Facebook Advertising ?

Using the services of Facebook Advertising agency will allow the business owners to focus on the main operational activities of their business without being distracted by doing the advertising on their own. The Agency can use their experience in Facebook advertising in providing the best return on invest on money spend 

What is the process in the Facebook advertising ?

The client has to identify the objective of the campaign . Once the objective has been identified, the ads can be created

The target audience of the advertisement will be identified in this phase. Ads copy writing on the advertisement title and description will be prepared for approval of the client. Images to be used will also be approved by the client.

The client will agree on the amount to be spend on the campaign.

On a monthly basis, a report will be provided to the client on the performance of the advertising. Ads can be optimised by changing the target audience etc if the performance is not satisfactory.

The client can decide on the time frame for the campaign. 

What are the charges for managing Facebook Advertising for me?

Please refer to the above pricing table for the various pricing packages. Full payment will be made at the beginning of campaign month. The end of monthly period will be at the end of the campaign period.

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