Jang Salai House Facebook Ad Video No 2

Oct 24, 2020 | Customer Case Study, Video Marketing


Jang Salai House is a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur catering specifically to Minang and Padang dishes.

Scope of Service

Jang Salai has engaged Mediabeza PLT to manage it’s Facebook and Instagram social accounts. The management of the services included

    • daily posting on the above social media accounts
    • Creations of image contents for the social media posts
    • Undertake photoshoot for images to be used for the social media postings
    • Creation of promotional videos for the restaurant
    • Setting up and monitoring of Facebook / Instagram advertisement
    • Advisory for Social Media Management

Social Advertising Objectives

    • Increase Brand exposure
    • Increase engagement, likes, shares from social media posts
    • Increase views from videos created
    • Generate sales from the social media posts

Campaign Results

    • A video marketing campaign was launched on 12 October 2020
    • The objective of this video campaign is to garner views and to generate sales for the restaurant.
    • Sales are being generated by providing a Whatsapp contact button with the video.
    • As of 10 Jan 2021 , the number of views generated can be seen on the image below.
    • The video has accumulated a total of more than 174,600 views. The cost per view is RM 0.03
    • The video has generated more than 432,000 impression ( passes through someone’s timeline )
    • A Total of 47,254 through plays ( at least 15 seconds views )
    • Generated 430 clicks to Whatsapp

The video can be seen below

MediaBeza PLT