E-Commerce Websites 

E-Commerce websites will bring your business transactions to the internet. Start getting more revenues from your business. Created with love by Website Design Agency in Kuala Lumpur.


Start bringing your customers experience, from browsing your products, enquiries on them and eventually making purchases of your products on the internet, using the latest web technology. Your own E Commerce Website / Online Store will complement your existing physical store.

why Do You Need an e commerce website

  • E Commerce Website / Online Store is open 24 hours , 365 days a week
  • Your own Virtual store without requiring any staff to man it
  • Stop paying high commission to popular third party marketplace for your products
  • Payment will be received immediately using your own payment gateway without going through third party market place.
  • Eliminate competing with other similar products sellers in the third party market place.
  • Enhance the branding of your store as opposed to trying to brand your store in the third party marketplace.


e commerce websites for health supplements

Our basic Features

Our Basic E Commerce Website will have the following

Responsive Design

The website is friendly on all types of devices from desktop to mobile.


Number Of Pages

The total number of pages will be five : Home, About Us, Our Services, Gallery and Contact Us.

Home Page Content

Product sliders ( 3 nos ) c/w latest products and all product categories

About Us Page Contents

Include details of the business, profile of owners and directors with photos attached

Shop Page Contents

Shop page will display all the various categories of products in the store

Products Page Contents

Detail description of individual products with images will be provided. Total nos of product are 10 .

E Commerce Page Contents

Shopping cart page, checkout page and customers account page will be provided.

Other Pages

Shipping procedure page, Exchange and Refund page, and Privacy and Policy page will be provided.

Payment Gateway

Free payment gateway of Paypal or STRIPE to accept debit and credit card will be provided


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a basic e commerce website?

The prices of E Commerce website packages will start at RM 3000. The final price will depend on the number of products on the website. 

What is the maximum number of pages allowed?

Based on the basic features mentioned above the total number of pages will be   20. The pages comprise of Home, Contact, Product Pages ( 10 nos ), E Commerce pages ( 4 nos ) , Non E Commerce Pages ( 4 nos ). Any additional pages required will be charged at an extra RM 100 per page.

Who is responsible for the images and how many images are allowed?

For the basic feature, the client will be responsible in providing us with the images. The client will provide maximum of 3 slider images, one image for each category of product and a maximum number of 3 images for each product. The image provided by the client shall be in jpeg format and according to the sizes to be given to the client. Additional charges will be levied for cropping the images accordingly or any other adjustments on the images.

Who is reponsible for maintaining the website?

Upon the completion of the website, we will ensure the website will be functioning well for a period of 1 month. Beyond that period, we recommend the client to engage a maintenance contract with us. 

What is the maximum number of products included in Basic E Commerce Website

For the basic features, we will prepare a total number of 10 individual products. Any additional product mentioned above will be charged at RM 100 per products.

Who will be responsible for the domain and server?

The client will have to register the domain and also the server required for the website. A secure server will be required for all e commerce website. We will assist on the registration and having the website available on the internet. Typically the cost of a dot com domain will be RM 50 per year and the cost of a secure web server will be RM 250 per year. 

Who will be responsible for the copywriting ?

The client will usually provide us with the copywriting to be included in the website. The copy writing will include short description and also detail description of each products. We can provide copywriting services at an additional cost

What is the process in the website design ?

We will start with preparing a frame work design on paper for the approval of the layout of the online store. This process will require approximately 1 week.

Once the framework is approved, we will begin designing the website mock up on the test server. The mock up will not contain any images or text. This process will require approximately 1 week.

Next, phase will be the inclusion of the images and text required for the project. This process will require approximately 2 weeks.

Once completed, the e commerce store will be made live on the internet and monitored by us for a period of one month.


What is the terms of payments for the website ?

Payment can be made by clicking the ‘Purchase ‘ button at the end of the Website Pricing Table in the next section. Payment will be in full and be made via secured Stripe Payment Gateway using Debit or Credit cards. Please contact us for our bank details if you choose the direct bank payment. 

Can the client use payment gateway other than paypal and or Stripe?

We can recommend to the client other more popular payment gateway for the e commerce store. However, any charges for these payment gateway will be borne by the client.

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