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High conversion landing pages services to generate leads or sales done with love by Website Design Agency in Kuala Lumpur.

landing pages

One page website with specific function for visitors to take actions when coming to the website. It appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement

why Do You Need  landing pages


Landing pages will generate leads for your business


Landing pages can also be used to generate sales for a specific product or services.


It acts as a full time sales person for your company online, being available around clock with no off days


Landing pages remove all the distractions a home page will have as it is designed for a specific actions


Landing Pages will have the following features

Responsive Design

The landing page is friendly on all types of devices from desktop to mobile.


The Right Headline

Site visitors will see headlines first so they must understand the purpose of the page and be motivated to read it.

Clear Call To Action

Clear step by step guideline to visitors for the actions or steps to be taken

Trust Indicators

Establish trust to the visitors in the form of testimonials, reviews, guarantee seals, third party certification etc.

Images and Videos

Videos for testimonials and images to catch the attention of the landing page visitors.

Contact Forms

Include contact form to capture site visitors information such as name, email or phone numbers.

Landing pages websites

Some Of Clients Landing Pages

landing pages
accountant landing pages


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't my website homepage be used as a Landing Page?

A website home page is normally a summary of your business. It will also have information on all or most or your services or products. The website home page is similar to a digital brochure or profile of your business. It will also have links to other pages on your website.

A landing page will only have one purpose, that is converting site visitors to become leads or buy from you. It will not have links to any other pages on your website. If you’re trying to get sales, the landing page will only sell one product or services and NOT multiple product or services. The landing page will also focus on a specific audience and not multiple audiences.


What is the cost of a landing page?

The cost of a typical landing page will depend on how extensive is the content of the landing page. Often the cost of a landing page will almost be the same as a one-page website. The price of the landing page starts at RM 1000. 

What is the maximum number of pages allowed?

A Landing Page will normally have only one page on the website but it will have several sections of information such as headlines and subheadlines, trust sections and clear call to actions along with a contact form.

Who is responsible for the images and how many images are allowed?

Normally, on a typical landing page, there will be only one or two relevant images. You will normally provide us with the images or we will use related images from our royalty images library.

Who will be responsible for the domain and server?

The Landing Page will normally be hosted on the same domain as your main website. If you do not have a domain for your website, we will host it on our server at no additional cost.

Who will be responsible for the copywriting ?

We will be responsible in providing the copywriting for the Landing Page.  The copywriting will include creating the headlines, sub headlines and other relevant information.

What is the process in creation of the landing page ?

You will provide us with the purpose of the landing page which would normally to generate leads or sales. We will generate a compelling headlines and sub headlines in order to convince the website visitors to take the necessary actions.

You will also provide is with a list of benefits or problems your products or service is providing. We will include this lists of benefits or problems solved as part of the copywriting. 

With all the relevant information provided, the draft landing page can be ready within 2 days. Once approved, we will handover the landing page to you.

What is the terms of payments for the website ?

Full payment will be made once the order is confirmed. Payment can be made via secured Stripe Payment Gateway using Debit or Credit cards, which will be provided . Please contact us for our bank details if you choose the direct bank payment.

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