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What is Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free tool provided by Google to local businesses or businesses that are location-based. Location-based business should have a properly set up Google Business Profile if they want the following :

  • Rank high on Search Engine ( SEO )
  • Get more sales or leads by targetting customers around the business location
  • Provide accurate information about the business to people around the business location


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Google Business Profile Management

Constant updating of Google Business Profile contents is one of the factors that will enable your business to rank high on Google search for your type of business search term (SEO) and also maintain its high position. Google Business Profile management will include regularly updating photos, special offers, news, and events. Another important factor constantly monitored is reviews provided by customers or non-customers. Responding to good reviews shows that you appreciate your customers and responding to bad reviews will enable you to take the necessary actions before the bad reviews will affect your business. 

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