Custom Website

Suitable if you want a website that will meet your design and contents requirements with the ultimate purpose of increasing your business revenue  

Customised the design of your website to include the various features suitable and required for your business. Custom designed website functionality will ensure that you will maximise the returns of investment for your website.

why Do You Need a CUSTOM webSIte?


You will get the best market practices and latest trends for your website


You will get more features on your website such as event management, directories, learning management, database integration, or membership management.


Tailor-made for your exact website layout requirements.


The copywriting of your website will be fully taken care of by us.


Your website contents will be set up for Search Engine Optimisation requirements


You will get a custom website based on WordPress, the largest Content Management System, allowing the reliability and adaptation of the latest technology in web design

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Your Custom Website will have the following features

Responsive Design

The website is friendly on all types of devices from desktop to mobile.


Number Of Pages

The total number of pages depend on the website’s requirements and functionalities. 

Custom Layouts

Pages layouts will be based on standard web design practice and not limited to typical templates layouts.

Websites Features

Features will include latest trends in User Experiences and User Interfaces. 

Website Functionalities

Custom functionalities such as event management, learning management etc may be included. 

Contact Us Page

Include Google Map location of the business, contact form and contact details of the business

Gallery Page Contents

It will include up to a maximum of 12 images of the company.

Social Media

Links to the company’s social media sites will be provided.

E Mail Addresses

A total of 3 email addresses will be provided fro the company

Our Custom Websites Portfolios

Not Sure Whether To Choose Template or Custom Website ? Checkout the following table of comparison

No of Pages5Unlimited
No of Revision13
Images10max 30
Completion Period3 days14 days
Website Loading Speedmore than 3 secondsless than 3 seconds
No of emails310
Free Maintenance7 days after complete30 days after complete
Social SharingYesYes
Whatsapp Chat ButtonYesYes
Google MapsYesYes
Domain nameYesYes
Google AnalyticsNoYes
Site MapNoYes
Layout WireframeNoYes ( 3 choice and 1 revision )
Mock UpNoYes
Copywriting ( Regular and SEO )NoYes
On Page SEONoYes
Brute Force/ DDOS / Malware ProtectionNoYes
Google AdsNoYes


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a custom website?

The final cost of the custom website will depend on its functionalities and also the number of pages. Please contact us for the final  custom website prices.

What is the maximum number of pages allowed?

The number of pages in a custom website will depend on the your requirements of the website’s functionalities.  Typically a custom website can start with five pages and it can also be as big as 100 pages.

Who is responsible for the images and how many images are allowed?

For the custom website, you will be responsible for providing us with the images. A maximum number will be based on the website’s functionalities. You will supply us with images in jpg or png format. Cropping or enhancement of the images will be included.

Who is reponsible for maintaining the website?

Upon the completion of the website, we will ensure the website will be functioning well for a period of 30 days or 1 month. Beyond that period, we recommend you engage us in a maintenance contract.

Who will be responsible for the domain and server?

You will have to register the domain and also the hosting server required for the website. We will assist on the registration and install your website on the hosting server you purchased. Typically the cost of a dot com domain will be RM 50-100 per year and the cost of a web server will normally start from RM 150-250 per year.

Who will be responsible for the copywriting ?

We will be providing copywriting services for the contents of the website based on the information you provide us. The copywriting will also include the requirements of Search Engine Optimisation of relevant keywords for all your web pages.

What is the process in the website design ?

The first phase will be the Discovery Session where the client’s business needs are identified its business needs. His target audience needs are also identified.  A web based solution to address both the business needs and the target business needs will be proposed for the website.

The next phase will be Detail Design where the website wireframe and prototype of the website will be created, based on your requirements. 

Next will be the Web Development Phase. In this phase, the contents of the websites will be developed into WordPress Content Management System. Specific functionalities will be included too.  Integration of best practises for Search Engine Optimisation will also be done to increase the visibility in popular search engine such as Google and Bing, Google Analytics will also be included.

After that will be the Testing Stage where the  testing and debugging of the website will be done prior to website being launch.

Finally the Launch and Post Launch phase. Once the testing is completed , the website will be launch on the internet and monitored its functionality and reliability. The daily and weekly backup schedule will be included to protect the website. 

What is the terms of payments for the website ?

Once you have agreed on our proposal, you will be required to pay a down payment of 50 % before we start our work. The balance will be paid progressively as follows :

  • 30 % will be paid upon completion of Design and Web Development Stage .
  • 10 % upon completion of testing and prior to launching on the internet.
  • 10 % upon handing over
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