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Get your website ranked higher than the competition in Google search engine.

What is SEO services?

SEO services is the practice of optimizing the content of the website relevant to what people are searching for on the search engine. This action will reflect on the higher ranking of the website on the search engine. Based on our research, websites that appears on the first page of the search engine receive 95% of the clicks which lead to higher sales for the company.

what is SEO
benefit of seo

What are the benefits of SEO services?

SEO is a vital process for any website that wishes to gain traffic and visibility. Without SEO, your website will only be visible to people searching for your site directly and won’t show up in the search engine results.

The necessity of SEO has been proven by the number of companies that have successfully used it as a marketing tool to increase their brand awareness, increase sales and decrease reliance on paid advertising. It is an important part of a website and social media strategy, but for many businesses, SEO is more than just a strategy – it’s the driving force behind their entire business model.

SEO Process

SEO Audit

SEO audit will identify the current status of the website from Search Engine. Analysis will be done on website, speed, SEO, Social, on page and authority links.

Keyword Research

Research for the most relevant and searchable keywords for the particular website. Keywords will be the words most likely used in searching the business online.

On Site Optimisation

Scope will include:

  • Google analytics set-up.
  • Google Webmaster Tools set-up.
  • XML sitemap creation & submission.
  • Meta Tag Optimization.
  • Page titles, H1 and H2 tag optimization.
Off Site Optimisation
  • Keep up with the continuous changes of the search engine algorithms.
  • To stay ahead of your competitors who are continually trying to get to the first page ranking.
  • Creating high quality backlinks
  • Submission of website to high quality directories
  • Submission of website to web 2.0 sites
  • Creating blog contents targeting relevant keywords. 
Monthly SEO Reports

On a monthly basis, an SEO report will show

  • Keyword ranking positions
  • Comparison of your website performance with the previous month
  • Traffic numbers

Our SEO Packages


For Companies
Starting Out With SEO
(Monthly Package)

All on-page SEO works
Backlinks to 10 authority websites
All off-page SEO works
4 blog posts written and published
Full monthly reporting
Unlimited email support
One consultation call


Perfect for companies
requiring normal SEO Ranking.
(Monthly Package)

All on-page SEO works
Backlinks to 10 authority websites
All off-page SEO works
4 blog posts written and published
Full monthly reporting
Unlimited email support
One consultation call


Perfect for Companies
requiring FAST SEO Ranking
(Monthly Package)

All on-page SEO works
Backlinks to 15 authority websites
All off-page SEO works
6 blog posts written and published
Full monthly reporting
Unlimited email support
One consultation call

Frequently Asked Questions


How To achieve SEO

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  process involves optimizing your web pages in such a way that the major search engines like Google will rank them.

SEO is not just about writing content; it’s about understanding the search engine algorithms and how they work. You have to write valuable, useful and engaging content that people will like and share, but you also have to optimize your site using techniques that a search engine can easily find and understand

Internet users are always looking for sites that are relevant and helpful. By optimizing your site to ensure that it contains keyword-rich copy, you can make sure that those searching for information or products will find your site.

How long will it take for the SEO process

SEO is a long-term strategy, not a short-term one. So what does it take to rank #1 in Google?

You need to have:

  • great content;
  • visible links from other sites; and
  • a good on-site search optimization strategy.

If you can fulfill these requirements, you are well on your way to ranking at the top of the results page. However, you should be prepared to wait a while before seeing results. It can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months to see the results of SEO on your website.

How long does SEO last?

SEO lasts as long as your content is relevant and useful to your audience. If people keep coming back for more, then you’re doing something right!.

For as long as you want to rank on the search engine, SEO should be a component of your continuous strategy. Your total ranking will drop if you stop doing SEO.

Do I need SEO for my business

Your brand’s online presence and exposure will be at a bare minimum in the eyes of potential clients if you do not use SEO. It’s critical for a brand’s long-term survival in the overcrowded internet marketplace.

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"Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change."

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