Template Websites

You will get a fast, beautiful and affordable website so that you can immediately be online.  Design with love by Website Design Agency in Kuala Lumpur.

TEMPLATE website

Get your website ready in the shortest period of time and at a lower budget using professionally designed templates by us.

why Do You Need a TEMPLATE webSIte

  • Websites templates are professionally designed using the latest  trends so that you can be proud of having it.
  • Web design projects can be completed in as fast a 3 days saving you time to be online.
  • Website templates are beautifully designed by so that you can save money on the website.
  • All the templates are based on WordPress, the largest Content Management System, allowing the website to easily grow in size.

Our basic Features

Our Template Website will have the following features

Responsive Design

Everybody on all kind of devices can enjoy your website


Number Of Pages

Four main pages focussing the most important contents for your business. Save you time and money. 

Home Page Content

Home page layout may include one slider module, summary of services and brief description of the business

About Us Page Contents

Include details of the business, profile of owners and directors with photos attached

Our Services Page Contents

Services page will provide details of the services provided by the business

Contact Us Page Contents

Include Google Map location of the business, contact form and contact details of the business

Social Media

Links to the company’s social media sites will be provided.

E Mail Addresses

A total of 3 email addresses will be provided fro the company

Template Websites

Template Websites To Choose


Process of Template Website Development

Step 1 - Choose a Template

Select Template from the images above

Step 2 - Submit Your Preferred Colour and Fonts

Select Template from the images above

Step 3 - Submit Your Website Contents

Submit to us all your website contents such as text and images

Step 4 - Develop The Website

We will proceed with the development of the website using the contents provided by us. You will have 1 revision to make changes on the website

Step 5 - Website Completed

Your website will be ready within 3-7 days ( depending on the subsmission of your text and images )


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a template website?

The startting price of a template or brochure typed website will be RM 1500.

What is the maximum number of pages allowed?

A template or brochure typed website will will have 4 pages.

Who is responsible for the images and how many images are allowed?

For the template website, the client will be responsible in providing us with the images. A maximum number of 10 images are allowed for the template websites. The client will supply us images in jpg format and cropped accordingly to our instructions. We will not be making any enhancement of the images supplied.

Who is reponsible for maintaining the website?

Upon the completion of the website, we will ensure the website will be functioning well for a period of 1 month or 30 days. Beyond that period, we recommend the client to engage a maintenance contract with us.

Who will be responsible for the domain and server?

The client will have to register the domain and also the hosting server required for the website. We will assist on the registration and having the website available on the internet. Typically the cost of a dot com domain will be RM 50 per year and the cost of a good and reliable hosting web server will be 150 per year.

Who will be responsible for the copywriting ?

The template or brochure typed website does not include the copywriting services. Additional charges will be made for copywriting services.

What is the process in the website design ?

Please choose from one of the website template for your website. Upon choosing the template, please provide us with your company logo and other contents for the websites.

Images for the home page sliders and all the internal pages will then be submitted in accordance to the website template chosen. 

The website will take approximately 5to 7 days. The exact time of completion for all website package will depends on all the required information provided to us.  

What is the terms of payments for the website ?

Full payment will be made before the start of the web design works.

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