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Jul 7, 2021 | Customer Case Study, Digital Marketing

Background Facebook Advertisement and Marketing

For this post, we’ll show how our client, a paint contractor, generated more leads with Facebook advertisement and marketing. The client represents a Turkish manufacturer of decorative wall paint. The contractor firm is based in Kuala Lumpur. Additionally, they offer painting services for both residential and commercial properties.

Scope of Service Facebook Advertisement and Marketing

Here are the scope of the campaign

    • Advertisement’s copywriting
    • Advertisement’s graphics design
    • Setting up and monitoring of Facebook advertisement
    • Split testing the advertisement
    • Providing advisory to client
facebook ads advertisement

Campaign Objectives

    • To get more awareness and exposure of the products and services offered by the company.
    • To initiate conversation by getting prospective customers contacting the company via Facebook Messenger.
    • Conversations via Facebook Messenger are expected to generate sales for the company

Facebook Advertisement and Marketing Campaign Results

    • An ad campaign was launched on 26th June 2021
    • Campaign objective is to create more Facebook messages, post engagement and traffic to website.
    • In other words, it should generate sales for the wall paint product.
    • Increase conversation by providing a messenger button along with the graphics.
    • As of 30th June 2021 , the number of Facebook messages generated were 62 as shown on the image below.
    • Therefore, the cost per conversation started is RM 3.41
    • In addition, the ad campaign generated more than 28,809 impressions.
facebook ads advertisement

In conclusion, Facebook Marketing works for B2b type of business especially when it involved 2-way communications. Choosing the right objective of the campaign will ensure your goals to be achievable

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